Great Career : A Matter Of Right Choices

Shivani Desai: Nurturing Artistic Dreams against the Tide of Conformity
Discover Shivani Desai's unwavering commitment to her artistic dreams and her journey to redefine norms in the world of acting.

In the world that we live in today a career in art and theatre is still looked up as an “impractical” and “premature”  choice .

As a kid most of us had different ambititions but those ambitions and the dreams gradually are compromised upon. Specific factors that lead us to accept this compromise are age, experience, society and background that we come from. But there are still some torchbearers who do not let go of their dreams and aspirations for anything and light up the way for others as well.

Shivani Desai, born on October 12th in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a rare example to follow. She reached Singapore as a infant with her parents who moved from India for work. Though, even after spending a duration as long as 25 years, she still finds herself connected to her roots – her native country, India. This proves the fact that you can take an Indian out of India however you can’t take out India out of an Indian.

Always been crystal clear about her dream Shivani started her journey  by acquiring a Bachelor of Arts degree from the National University of Singapore and then completed multiple courses in acting from prominent institutions such as MetFilm School London, Seth Caskey Coaching, Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares , Jeff Goldberg Studio Mumbai, The Casting Director’s Cut LA and Career ACTivate to name a few.

 Shivani’s mother is an unbelievably talented painter and her father is a passionate cinephile with whom she grew up on a steady diet of Bollywood films. Inspired by a lot of artistic influences around her she decided to pursue a career in acting. When asked what motivates her the most she says “Every single artist out there in the world, who’s working tirelessly against the forces of what society deems to be proper, productive, and profitable in their own big or little ways – whether it’s writing a poem, picking up a paintbrush, creating support groups for fellow creatives, making movies, starting book clubs, writing original songs, or teaching the very art that society didn’t allow them to practise – inspires me. You’re all awesome and make the world a little easier to live in”.

She thinks art is so crucial in reminding us of the beauty that exists in this world. Her purpose has always remained to bring people hope, comfort and a smile through her work. Hence she became an actor.

Shivani has already starred in multiple short films, music videos, plays, documentaries and commercials and parallely works as a model for local magazines and stock images. She now aims to break into T.V. and film industry.

With no fixed daily routine and the spontaneous nature of work, her biggest support comes from none other than her own family. With family and friends by her side supporting her unconditionally she worries less about the inherent chaos and uncertainty of her profession. Over time, she has also created a little community of her followers on Instagram who always wish her well and encourage her throughout. With all the support she has acquired she has all the reasons to feel & fly high.

To our readers, Shivani has a simple yet significant mantra which is ”Don’t waste precious time, effort and energy working on things that bring you no joy”. We wish this great talent the best knowing the fact that she is unstoppable.