Never Let Your Passion Calm

Unleashing Creative Passion: Anusmita's Journey from Medicine to Mesmerizing Quilling Art
Discover Anusmita's inspiring tale—how a gynaecologist found solace and creativity in quilling. Follow her @anusmita.saha29 for captivating paper art!

‘Survival of fittest’, a harsh but true saying. All of us come across or sometimes chose to be part of a circle of struggle in search of success. Apart from professional environment that we usually dive into there is always a small angle pulling us to do what we love, and there is no better joy than being able to pursue your passion.

As our motto reads Never Let Your Passion Calm. There are some shining examples of people who never let their passion calm.

Anusmita, who had a regular childhood like every other kid with her hard work, dedication, support and blessings of her parents managed to achieve her dream of becoming a gynaecologist. But soon she realized that the storm inside her didn’t find solace yet. She wanted to do more……she wanted to create.

Anusmita, came across the art form called ‘Quilling’ during her initial years in medical school. Quilling is a unique style of art of rolling thin strips of colorful paper and creating designs. The art and the designs would mesmerize Anusmita, who soon started Quilling in her free time as a hobby. With time, this hobby changed into passion and passion changed into muse! She started creating designs and began sharing her art pieces with the world on her Instagram handle @anusmita.saha29. She makes portraits, mandalas, abstract design and calligraphy etc. and to our surprise all by using simple pieces of paper and glue.

A true heart never lets you settle with anything, it would motivate you to endure a new challenge every day. With enormous positive energy within her she recently started exploring and learning photography and ukulele (a small four-stringed guitar of Hawaiian origin). Being a Bengali, is equivalent to being a literature freak, it runs through their veins. As a result of which she has always enjoyed reading classic novels by Jane Austen, Rabindranath Tagore, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay and even found relevance in reading contemporary writers like Amitav Ghosh, Paulo Coelho and Amish Tripathi. She herself loves writing and penning down her thoughts into words. In fact, her notes are now full of quotes and poems.

The above is her journey paved by her Mahadev, a journey of numerous failures but exquisite achievements. Journey of a mind as practical as a doctor, journey of a heart as impractical as an artist. A life full of overwhelming moments, creations and discoveries. It has it all, a new sunrise, a new song, a new venture every single day.

Anusmita, has more to discover within herself and we are sure when it unfolds, we will have more to know, more to cheer, and utmost motivation for all that follow a similar path.